School Quality

State of SC

Student Engagement

Percentage of Students Scoring "Committed" on Student Engagement Survey 56.2%

Domains of School Engagement

Cognitive 53.2%
Behavioral 56.3%
Emotional 59.1%

Participation Rate

(Note: if fewer than 80% of the students participated in the survey, the "Total Percent Committed" was lowered prior to calculating a rating. For more information about the methodology, please see the EOC Accountability Manual.)

Additional Information

Our State Change from Last Year
Percent of students served by gifted and talented program 20.2 N/A
Percent of students retained 1.3 Up from .
Principal's/Superintendent's/Director's years at school/district N/AV N/A
Percent of classrooms with wireless access 100 N/A
Percent of students served by 1:1 learning 98 N/AV
Chronic Absenteeism Rate 11.6 N/A

Results of Teacher, Student, and Parent Opinion Surveys

No Current Records Available.