Preparing for Success

Broome High

Preparing for Success

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This indicator displays the End-of-Course test results for students in the four-year on-time graduation cohort file (includes graduates and non-graduates) .

Overall Student Performance

End-of-Course Assessment Results in Biology and US History and the Constitution

Biology - Scoring C or Higher

School 44.4%    (91 / 205)
District 44.4%    (91 / 205)
State 47.0%    (18371 / 39120)

US History and the Constitution - Scoring C or Higher

NOTE: EOCEP scores in US History and the Constitution, and the corresponding SC ALT assessment in Social Studies, have been excluded from the Preparing for Success indicator rating for High Schools for the 2021-22 school year.
School 39.8%    (66 / 166)
District 39.8%    (66 / 166)
State 37.8%    (20635 / 54594)

Additional Information

High School Civics Exam

  % N
Percentage of students enrolled in a US Government course who score at or above the designated passing score on the civics test Data N/A Data N/A