Preparing for Success

Woodruff Primary School

Additional Information

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Percentage of Students enrolling in Kindergarten and Demonstrating readiness to learn

Percentage of students Demonstrating Readiness on the KRA 38.5%
Percentage of students Approaching Readiness on the KRA 39.4%
Percentage of students Emerging Readiness on the KRA 22.2%
Our SchoolOur DistrictStatewide
Overall 38.5% 38.5% 35.8%
By Domains:
(The cut score for "Overall" was used across all domains in order to provide comparative information. Does not necessarily reflect domain level readiness.)
Social Foundation 46.2% 46.2% 45.1%
Language and Literacy 41.6% 41.6% 33.9%
Mathematics 27.1% 27.1% 30.8%
Physical Well-Being 54.8% 54.8% 48.0%

First and Second Grade Students on Track for Success in ELA and Math

  Our DistrictStatewide
  % N % N
Second grade students who are on track for success in English Language Arts at the third grade. 48.8% 102 48.6% 27792
Second grade students who are on track for success in Mathematics at the third grade. 60.8% 127 54.5% 31165