English Language Learners Progress

R.B. Stall High

English Learners' Progress

English Learners - EL

The goal is that students who are learning the English language will become proficient in English within at least five years of their initial enrollment in public schools.

Percent of EL Students who met progress toward proficiency target

School 20.6%    (51 / 247)
District 24.3%    (655 / 2692)
State 31.7%    (11900 / 37543)

Percent of EL Students who Met Progress Toward Proficiency Target 20.6
Number of EL Students who Met Progress Toward Proficiency Target 51
Number of EL Students included in Accountability Calculation 247
Number of EL Students in EL Subgroup 510

Additional School-Level Information

Resources for English Learners and Families

Family-Friendly Guides to the Academic Content Standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies - in Spanish

Understanding Your Child's ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Scores - WIDA

Parents Guide to Standardized Testing

Empowering EL Parents and Families at Home

School Success Information includes how schools work, parenting tips on assessment, etc.

Read, Write, Think Collection of resources is designed for Spanish-speaking parents to help support children and teens with literacy learning at home.