School Quality

Hemingway M. B. Lee Middle School

Student Engagement

Percentage of Students Scoring "Committed" on Student Engagement Survey 74.7%

Domains of School Engagement

Cognitive 74.0%
Behavioral 73.3%
Emotional 76.7%

Participation Rate

(Note: if fewer than 80% of the students participated in the survey, the "Total Percent Committed" was lowered prior to calculating a rating. For more information about the methodology, please see the EOC Accountability Manual.)

Additional Information

Our School Change from Last Year
Percent of Students (7th and 8th grade) enrolled in high school credit courses 1 Down from 30
Percent of students served by gifted and talented program 4.5 Up from 2.0
Percent of students retained 0.0 Down from 0.5
Principal's/Superintendent's/Director's years at school/district 2 Up from 1
Percent of classrooms with wireless access 100 No change
Percent of students served by 1:1 learning 100 Change from 8
Chronic Absenteeism Rate 27.9 N/A
Percent of 8th Graders with Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) 100.0 No change

Results of Teacher, Student, and Parent Opinion Surveys

Teachers Students Parents
Number of surveys returned 9 Data N/A 29
Percent satisfied with learning environment 66.6%
Data N/A
Percent satisfied with social and physical environment 77.8%
Data N/A
Percent satisfied with school-home relations 55.5%
Data N/A