Class Environment

Brooklyn Springs Elementary

Classroom Environment

Our School Change from Last Year
Total Number of Teachers 29 Down from 36
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees 45.4 Down from 53.2
Teacher attendance rate N/AV N/A
Average teacher salary $49,549 Down from $50,784
Percent of teachers on continuing contract 100.0 Up from 94.5
Percent of teachers returning from previous year - current year 56.7 Down from 87.9
Percent of teachers returning from previous year - three year average 80.3 Down from 84.4
Percent of teacher vacancies for more than 9 weeks 3.4 Up from 0.0
Prime instructional time N/AV N/A
Student-teacher ratio in core subjects 19.9 to 1 Down from 20.0 to 1
Percent of inexperienced teachers 33.3 N/A
Number of inexperienced teachers 9 N/A
Percent of out-of-field teachers 3.7 N/A
Number of out-of-field teachers 1 N/A
Percent of inexperienced school leaders 50.0 N/A
Number of inexperienced school leaders 1 N/A

ESSA regulations require states to post on their report cards information about teachers with emergency or provisional credentials. South Carolina does not award emergency or provisional credentials, thus that metric is not listed.