Preparing for Success

Brashier Middle College Charter High School

Note on missing data: On March 26, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education waived federal accountability requirements and granted flexibility in administering assessments due to COVID-19. The results displayed within this report card should not be compared to those of other years due to the testing limitations as a result of the pandemic. In addition, these results may be incomplete and may not be representative of the make-up of the State, district, or school population.

Preparing for Success

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This indicator displays the SC READY Science test results for elementary and middle school students and the End-of-Course Biology and U.S. History test results for high school students.

Overall Student Performance

End-of-Course Assessment Results in Biology and US History and the Constitution

Biology - Scoring C or Higher

School 90.3%    (84 / 93)
District 46.1%    (864 / 1874)
State 50.2%    (25139 / 50073)

US History and the Constitution - Scoring C or Higher

School 82.4%    (89 / 108)
District 37.7%    (486 / 1290)
State 37.7%    (16593 / 44059)

Additional Information

High School Civics Exam

  % N
Percentage of students enrolled in a US Government course who score at or above the designated passing score on the civics test 100.0 97