College and Career Readiness

A.C. Flora High School

College and Career Readiness

Diploma earners who are college OR career readySchool-level results used for accountability rating. 78.0%    (284 / 364)
Diploma earners who are college AND career ready 49.7%    (181 / 364)
Diploma earners who are college ready 51.1%    (186 / 364)
Diploma earners who are career ready 76.6%    (279 / 364)

Note: The new CCR results (as of 2020) cannot be compared to that of previous years because the cohort of students measured has changed from graduates to all students in the four year on-time graduation cohort (graduates and non graduates).

Additional Information

Our School Change from Last Year
Number of seniors who have completed FAFSA forms 204 Up from 198
Percent of seniors completing college applications 89.7 Up from 83.8
Percent of seniors eligible for LIFE scholarship 35.9 N/A
Percent of seniors eligible for Palmetto Fellows scholarship 8.8 N/A
Percentage of Students from prior year graduating class enrolled in a two- or four-year college or technical college pursuing an associates degree, certificate, or diploma in Fall following graduation 83.0 Up from 76.0

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Students enrolled in CTE courses 677
CTE completers 65
Total students earning national or state credential 32
Industry Credentials earned by Career Cluster
(A student may have earned multiple credentials)
Agriculture Food and National Resources 0
Architecture & Construction 0
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications 0
Business Management & Administration 0
Education & Training 0
Finance 0
Government & Public Administration Data N/A
Health Science 12
Hospitality & Tourism 7
Human Services 2
Information Technology 3
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 0
Manufacturing 0
Marketing 0
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 0
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics 4
Other * 10